Las Brisas Weddings


In recent years, Costa Rica has gained a deserved reputation as one of the most amazing places in the world to get married. Magazines and publications dedicated to wedding information and services have provided extensive coverage of this beautiful country and selected it as one of the most ideal places to have a wedding or a honeymoon. We want you to enjoy an unforgettable wedding in Costa Rica. There is less pressure to getting married away from home and it is easier when you have a wedding planner to assist you regarding the laws and the paperwork you need. That’s why we have a U.S. Bilingual wedding planner and coordinator who is experienced in handling your most important details, including the arrangement of all the legal aspects in Costa Rica.

For about the same price as it would cost to rent a generic, sterile hall in any hotel or convention center in the United States or Europe, you can instead experience the beauty, magic, and wonder of Costa Rica. Spectacular sunsets, dramatic vistas, volcanoes, waterfalls, verdant jungle and the mesmerizing waves of the Pacific Ocean can serve as spectacular backdrops, and you have set the stage for one of the most important days of your lives, that will define your wedding as a truly unique and individual event, it’s for this reason we would like to give you the wedding of your dreams, we offer group rates, and whole packages for weddings.

Whether you are considering a simple elopement wedding or a larger and more traditional event, Las Brisas can offer a variety of accommodations, 8 Poolside Jr Suites, 4 three bedroom, 2 bath villas and a 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo, which can intimately accommodate just the two of you or all your friends and family up to a maximum of around 62 guests.

We specialize in beach weddings and can arrange everything whether you want rose petals and candle-light on your wedding night, tropical flower arrangements or a dune buggy as your “get away car”, we are here to serve you. You can plan your wedding some months in advance and tailor your own unique package. We can provide pretty much everything you need; wedding planners, hair and make-up, photographers, officiates, florists, accommodations, private chefs, wedding cake, wedding table settings and décor, music, spa treatments, transportation, tours, excursions and more!!…. just let us know and we will cater to your whim!

Our wedding packages are all “custom” and prices will vary depending on the season and the services you wish to include.

For Your Dream Beach Wedding in Paradise!!! Please contact reservations@lasbrisasresortandvillas.com and let us know how we can meet your needs.

Costa Rica Marriage requirements

Firstly and most important is the fact that your marriage will be legally recognized in the United States, Canada, Western Europe and just about any country in the world.

The process is very simple and any one of our experienced officiates (usually an Attorney at Law) will be sure to collect simple information in advance to officially and legally conduct the ceremony and to process the marriage certificate. The information required is fairly straightforward: Copies of your passports, copies of your witnesses’ passports (2 witnesses. If you don’t have them we will be happy to provide them), additional information will be collected by the officiate, but again, it is simple and straightforward. There are no extraordinary requirements, no waiting periods, and no unreasonable information requests. It should be noted that although the marriage is legal immediately upon the completion of the ceremony, the marriage certificate takes some time to obtain, however the process is safe and guaranteed to be valid. The length of time varies depending on the present workload of the Civil Registry, however it is a minuscule fraction of the length of your marriage, which will no doubt be a lifelong endeavour.

Costa Rica civil ceremony weddings are done by English speaking officiates and these can be done at any location. Catholic weddings can only be performed in a Catholic church, so there goes the tropical backdrop ideas, if you had any. It is also difficult to find Priests in all towns that have a church and also perform a wedding in English. Priests also want to council with you first and most will not do it by phone.